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Survey: What Employees (Don’t) Know About IT Security Policies

In this era of regular breaches, security awareness is a must. But how well do employees know their firms’ IT security policies? We reveal all.

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How Understanding Risk Perception Can Enhance IT Security

Why do people do dumb things on the Internet and how can we stop them? In this article, security practitioners and cognitive psychologists reveal all.


Survey: Consumer Confidence in the Security-Breach Era

We live in an age of massive security breaches, but what can firms do to regain consumer confidence after a hack? We polled the public to find out.


Surveying the Threat Landscape: 5 Future Careers in Cybersecurity

The world of IT security is changing so fast it’s difficult to keep pace. In this article, we ask experts to predict the shape of security careers to come.

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How to Avoid the Seven Deadly Sins of PCI DSS Failure

PCI DSS compliance is a headache for many businesses. In this article, experts identify the main points of audit failure and provide solutions.


Buzzword Babylon IV: Still More Baffling IT Security Terms Explained

Confused about SIEM? Baffled by VPN? Vague on vulnerability scanning? Worry no more! In this article top experts demystify IT security buzzwords.

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From California to Moscow: 3 Women Leading the Way in IT Security

Three prominent women working for IBM, Cisco and Kaspersky Labs tell their stories, and offer tips, advice and insights into the world of IT security.


67 Percent of Internet Users Haven’t Changed Passwords After Heartbleed

Heartbleed is one of the worst security bugs in the history of the Web, but does the public care? Our survey exposes massive ignorance and indifference.


Mac Attacks Do Happen: How to Protect an Office of Apples

Do Macs get viruses, or is your Apple computer a special snowflake? How do you protect MacBooks and iPhones? We asked, top experts answered!

babylon III

Buzzword Babylon III: Even More Baffling IT Security Terms Explained

Confusing jargon abounds in IT security. In this article, top experts from international firms define Threat Intelligence, NAC and IAM in plain English.


Buzzword Babylon I: 5 Experts Explain 4 Baffling IT Security Terms

IT security is a world of confusing terms and technical jargon. In this article, five experts translate EPP, UTM, MDM and NGFW into plain English.

Cyber Security Scholarships

Top Scholarships for Aspiring IT Security Professionals

A guide to top scholarships for aspiring IT security professionals, including awards available from Hewlett Packard, (ISC)² and the U.S. government.

3mobile malware

The New Era of Mobile Malware: 4 Steps to Reduce Your Risk

Mobile malware is on the increase. Here are four steps companies can use to mitigate risk and reduce the chances of infection.


7 Essential Questions to Ask When Hiring an IT Security Consultant

Three experts advise business owners and executives on how to get the most revealing answers from an IT security consultant during an interview.